May 11, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 17

Amy Poehler '93, who also received an Arts Council award, during her appearance at the žInside the BC StudioÓ event in Devlin Hall.

Poehler, 11 Others Receive Arts Achievement Awards

The promotional posters announcing her appearance seemed to bemuse her, but comedian and actress Amy Poehler '93 was clearly happy to return to Boston College during last month's University Arts Festival.

The "Saturday Night Live" star talked about her career and her BC days at an "Inside the BC Studio" interview program in Devlin 008, and performed with My Mother's Fleabag - the student improv troupe she joined as an undergraduate - on O'Neill Plaza.

Poehler also was one of 12 recipients of BC Arts Council awards for achievement in the arts that were presented during the festival, which took place April 27-29.

Speaking with Adj. Assoc. Prof. Luke Jorgensen (Theater) in front of a standing room audience at the "BC Studio" event, Poehler fondly recalled her past experiences with My Mother's Fleabag, which she said had prepared her well for show business. At one point in the program, she was greeted by current members of Fleabag, and others from her era. "OK, this is getting pretty scary," she quipped.

Toward the end of the interview, Poehler took a self-deprecating view of her attainment of fame, noting the posters around campus that featured a large photo of her. "Those are just waiting for a drawn-on mustache or a nasty thought balloon," she said.

Joining Poehler on the list of this year's Arts Council award recipients was Prof. Nancy Netzer (Fine Arts), director of the McMullen Museum, located in the same building where Poehler gave her talk.

Senior winners included Joseph Sabia and Sherwood Tondorff, the masterminds behind "The BC," the Web-based parody of the popular TV show "The OC" that has drawn nationwide attention.

Other Class of 2006 recipients were: BC bOp! pianist Kyle Elligers, who earlier this year won a national music competition; Megan Rulison, a theater and biology major who earned a major theater award last year; Kevin Allocca, who has produced films on social justice and assisted other students with their projects; Elizabeth Bouchard, who has been active as both director and performer in campus theatrical productions.

Juniors earning Arts Council honors were Onalee Rivera, a zealous promoter and organizer of student art events around campus, and Emily Walsh, who has performed with, among others, the BC Symphony Orchestra, University Chorale and the Irish Studies Music Programs ensemble.

Two sophomores also received awards: Emily Neumeier, a writer on art and culture who published an essay in the student research journal Elements; and Eileen Walsh, a University Chorale member who also has appeared in the BC Chamber Music Society in a series of solo, duet and quartet settings.

-Sean Smith

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