March 30, 2005 • Volume 14 Number 14

Carole Trainor and her brother-in-law Kevin Goslin hold a photo of Trainor's son, Stephen, in whose memory Goslin will run.

Boston Marathon 2006

A look at other members of the Boston College community who are running in next month's Boston Marathon in support of a cause or organization:

Carole Trainor, a training and communications specialist for Information Technology Services, will not be running herself due to health problems, but her brother-in-law Kevin Goslin will be - to raise money for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for Children in memory of Trainor's son Stephen, who died at age eight in 2000, a year-and-a-half after undergoing a bone-marrow transplant.

"Boston College was incredibly supportive of me and my family during Stephen's illness and following his death. I will always remember how touched I was when [Vice President for Human Resources] Leo Sullivan would call just to see how we were doing. Similarly, the Massachusetts General Hospital was wonderful and I remain committed to trying to help other families of seriously ill children. I can't run the marathon, so Kevin will be my legs, and I would love to do whatever I can to help Kevin raise money for this excellent cause."

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The Dana Farber Cancer Institute is a popular choice for many BC marathon runners. Participants raising funds for Dana Farber can be found at - click on the "Support a Runner" link at left and then enter the name where indicated.

Student Service Associate Nykolett Boger: "I lost two cousins to breast cancer when they were as old as I am now. My older brother and I had a friend in his high school class who was held back a grade because he was fighting his battle and his treatments were too much.

"Then there's the most memorable battle of cancer in my life, that of a high school best friend who lost her battle to a rare form of lung cancer. I was in touch with her until the cancer grew, the doctors diagnosed it and it took her life. So, needless to say, when I found out I could help cancer research by running the marathon, I set the goal and this is my challenge. I look forward to a day that cancer does not exist, but that won't happen unless we find a cure."

Athletic Association Travel Administrator Laurie Nahigian and Assistant Director for Athletic Development Aimee McGuire Wainwright: "We're proud to train and race to raise funds for basic cancer research at the institute. We've found our inspiration and determination from the strength of family and friends who have been touched by this disease."

Bob Kao '05: "I am running in memory of my uncle and grandfather who both passed away from brain and liver cancer, respectively. I will never forget the wonderful moments we cherished while they were still alive. No one can replace them. I am also running in memory of Kyle, a patient at Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund Clinic, who lost his battle with cancer. Their lives continue to inspire me in my quest to alleviate all types of devastating cancers through research and compassionate patient care."

Senior Admission Assistant Adrienne Fowkes is running on behalf of the Ron Burton Training Village, a racially diverse summer camp which has helped more than 2,000 young men in their spiritual, physical and educational growth.p>

Laurie Nahigian (left) and Aimee McGuire Wainwright.

"I was involved in various service groups in my time as an undergrad at BC. I recently ran my first marathon last fall, and I decided that if I was going to run Boston, I wanted to do it for a greater good than my own personal achievement. I heard of the RBTV, whose fundraising efforts are able to directly go to the campers as the organization is so small, and knew this was the group that I needed to get involved with for Boston. I truly believe in the Ignatian idea of service for others, and know that this camp has a profound and positive effect on the lives of these boys, who are all from the Boston area."

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Jessica Feldman '06 is part of the "Run for Research Team" of the American Liver Foundation. She can be located at; click on "Sponsor a Runner" and click on her name.

"More than 25 million Americans - that's one in every 10 - are, or have been affected by, liver disease. More than 2,500 children are diagnosed with liver disease every year. Some 5,000 liver transplants are performed every year, and currently there are more than 1,000 people in New England waiting for a liver transplant. Experts fear that within 20 years, the hepatitis C epidemic will cause more deaths annually than AIDS.

"My rigorous outdoor training began in early December, and will continue - be it in the rain, snow, or otherwise - until the day of the race. According to schedule, by late March, I will be running upwards of 50 miles weekly. So far, the weather has been pretty cooperative, but I can only imagine what the upcoming months have in store! I figure that as long as I have gloves, a hat, warm clothing, and some great playlists programmed on my iPod, I'll be ready for anything."

The Campus School Volunteers of Boston College - one of the University's largest student volunteer groups - has become a mainstay in the big race through its Marathon Committee, furthering efforts to support the Campus School, which provides educational and therapeutic services to children and youths from ages three to 21.

Marathon Committee co-chair Jennifer Theiss '06: "This year, our committee is comprised of more than 100 undergraduate BC runners who share a passion and motivation for running the Boston Marathon. The Marathon Committee provides runners with training benefits, guest lectures, pasta parties, marathon t-shirts and transportation to Hopkinton on the morning of the race. In return for our club services, we ask that the runners raise money to donate to the Campus School. The past three years we have raised over $30,000 for the disabled students of the Campus School. This year we hope to reach our goal of $40,000."

To sponsor runners for the Campus School, send a check made out to "Campus School Volunteers of Boston College" to: Campus School Volunteers of Boston College; Carolyn A. and Peter S. Lynch School of Education; Campion Hall, Room 297; 140 Commonwealth Ave.; Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. For more information, contact Theiss at

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