Conserve Energy During Spring Break

In keeping with ongoing efforts to conserve energy on campus, Boston College administrators are asking students departing for spring break - as well as any faculty or staff who may be leaving campus for an extended period - to take a few minutes before heading out to help cut down on wasted energy:

-If you have a thermostat, please turn it down to 55 degrees before leaving. Closing shades, blinds or curtains will help insulate and reduce drafts.

-Close all operable windows and lock them to form a tighter seal. If the window is broken or won't lock properly, please report it to the BC Work Order Center at ext.2-3048.

-Turn off lights, and unplug items left behind that continue to consume electricity even when turned off: task lights, individual coffee makers, TVs and other electronic equipment such as laptops (not your computer) and all chargers (cell phone, iPod, Palm Pilot, etc.).

-Turn off computer monitors.

More energy conservation information can be found at

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