March 16, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 13

Undergraduate Government of Boston College President-elect Santiago Bunce (left) and his vice president-to-be, Justin Nunez. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Bunce, Nunez Set to Lead UGBC

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

A close election behind them, the University's incoming undergraduate president and vice-president say they look forward to bringing fresh ideas and a new voice to student government.

Juniors Santiago Bunce and Justin Nunez defeated a ticket comprised of classmates Justin Thornton and Ryan McHaffie by a 1,518 to 1,321 margin in the Undergraduate Government of Boston College elections that ended Feb. 22.

The two, who met during freshman year, say they immediately fell in love with Boston College, and trace their aspiration to lead UGBC from a desire that their fellow students have the same positive experiences they have had during their time at the Heights.

"We want BC to be as good a place for everyone as it's been for us," said president-elect Bunce, a theology major from Clearwater, Fla.

"We're not necessarily into politics. What we are into is making lasting change in the community around us and the community beyond us."

Nunez, a student in the Carroll School of Management from Greensboro, NC, added, "We're both people who feel things very deeply and we wanted this job so that we could give back some of what we've experienced at BC."

But Bunce says the key to a successful UGBC administration is how comprehensive a set of abilities its leaders bring to office with them, instead of skills that only cover a few particular areas of need.

"We want UGBC to do more. What's missing is that every year you get something: One year there's great programming, another year it's about the issues - it's never the whole package."

The students say they realize, however, that it's one thing to say something in a campaign speech and another thing to be able to deliver on the promise.

"We know that some aspects of this job are going to be tough," said Nunez. He noted that the UGBC-organized fall campus concert - a highlight event that features a popular music act - is far more difficult to pull off than most students realize.

"The schedule for Conte Forum and an artist's schedule are usually tough to match up - there isn't much of an opportunity. We know that," said Nunez.

But even as they look ahead to that challenge, said Nunez, the first task for the new leadership team will be to analyze the government and start interviewing people for cabinet positions.

Nunez said he and Bunce will "start walking side by side" with such student groups as the AHANA Leadership Council and the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Leadership Council "to bring new ideas to the table for the fall such as events, speakers and concerts."

Bunce and Nunez take office on May 1 for the departing administration of seniors Luke Howe and Ben Nauman.

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