Jan. 19, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 9

Welcome Additions

Clare Booth Luce Assistant Professor in Computer Science Stella X. Yu
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Fields of interest: Computer vision, visual perception
Course: Art and Visual Perception

Yu comes to Boston College following two years of postdoctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley. She is the author of numerous papers on such topics as computer vision, signal research, operations research and biological vision. Her doctoral thesis, completed in May 2003, was titled "Computational Models of Perceptual Organization" Yu holds a graduate degree from Tsinghua University and an undergraduate degree from Xi'an Jiatong University, both in China.

Assoc. Prof. Zine Magubane (Sociology)
PhD, Harvard University
Fields of Interest: Gender, sexuality, colonialism and post-colonialism, globalization, race and class
Course: Post-colonialism

Magubane's work has dealt with two major geographic areas of the world, the United States and Southern Africa. Her book Bringing the Empire Home: Imagining Race, Gender, and Class in Britain and Colonial South Africa examines how ideologies about domination, images of the dominated and methods of domination travel across geographic space and transform over time. Previously she taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and served as a research associate for the Human Sciences Research Council in Pretoria, South Africa, and also taught at the University of Cape Town.

Asst. Prof. Nancy Pineda-Madrid (Theology)
PhD, Graduate Theological Union
Fields of Interest: Method in practical/pastoral theologies; US Latino/a theologies; feminist reconstructions of redemption/salvation; US and North American pragmatism and religious thought

Courses: Exploring Catholicism I and II, US Latino/a Theology, Seminar in Pastoral/Practical Theology.
Pineda-Madrid previously taught at St. Mary's College of California. She grew up in northern New Mexico and west Texas and did her doctoral work in the fields of systematic and philosophical theology. She holds a master's degree in divinity from Seattle University. Publications include the chapter "Traditioning: The Formation of Community, The Transmission of Faith" in the forthcoming Futuring Our Past: Explorations in the Theology of Tradition and "Latina Roman Catholic Theologies" in Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America, among others.
-Stephen Gawlik

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