April 13, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 15

A&S Announces Promotions for Adjunct Faculty Members

The College of Arts and Sciences recently announced promotions for several adjunct faculty members.

Promoted to adjunct associate professor were: John Anderson (English), Kathleen Bailey Carlisle (Political Science), Christopher Constas (A&S Honors Program), Eileen Donovan-Kranz (English), Colleen Griffith (Theology), Bonnie Jefferson (Communication), Luke Jorgenson (Theater), Susan Michalczyk (A&S Honors Program), Katherine Nahum (Fine Arts) and George O'Har (English).

Also, Susan Roberts and Bonnie Rudner, both of the English Department, were promoted to senior lecturer, and John Shea (Theology) to adjunct professor.

They join the following adjunct faculty members who received promotions last year: Adjunct associate professors Alice Behnegar (A&S Honors Program), Mark Cooper (Fine Arts), Charles Meyer (Fine Arts), Jeremiah McGrann (Music) and Brian Braman (Philosophy); and Adj. Prof. Andrew Tavarelli (Fine Arts).

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