Sept. 10, 2004 • Volume 13 Number 1

Patricia Bando

Bando to Head Auxiliary Services

Former Dining Services director appointed AVP of new University division

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Patricia Bando, whose cheerful personality and fine-tuned organizational skills are credited with bringing customer acclaim and fiscal stability to the Boston College Dining Services, will now apply her talents to an even larger University menu as associate vice president for auxiliary services.

The director of Dining Services since 1995, Bando was appointed to the newly created associate vice-presidential position by Financial Vice President and Treasurer Peter C. McKenzie effective Sept. 1.

In her new position, Bando will continue to oversee Dining Services along with the Boston College Bookstore, the EagleOne Card program, vending operations and transportation and parking operations. In the future, Bando will also take charge of the University's new retreat center in Dover [see separate story] and on-campus copy and printing operations, said McKenzie in announcing Bando's promotion.

"Pat brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, competence and enthusiasm to this new position," McKenzie wrote in a statement announcing her appointment.

Helen Wechsler, who has been associate director of dining services for the past four years, will succeed Bando as director of dining operations.

Interviewed just prior to assuming her new post, Bando noted that her new responsibilities involve many of Boston College's revenue enterprises. "The University, of course, seeks to break even in all of these areas," Bando said, "but they also need to be treated as a business."

Bando said she has not yet devised any major changes for any of her new areas, but plans to apply her winning Dining Services formula to the reorganized endeavor. "There certainly will be opportunities to work on bringing what I call the 'synergies' of these departments together," she said. "There may be efficiencies to be found in bringing together the experts from the various groups.

"I am a firm believer of not reinventing the wheel, so hopefully there will be some great things that the Bookstore does that I might be able to transfer over to Dining Services, for example.

"It's the simple things that I will be looking for - what we call in the business 'the low-hanging fruit," Bando said with a laugh.

"I think I am the right person to make us go forward making positive change and helping to communicate that change to the public in a pro-active way," Bando said.

Bando, a native of Oak Park, Mich., graduated from Michigan State University and later added a master's degree in food service administration from New York University. She was director of dining services at Cornell University before arriving at BC.

"Boston College is a superior employer and my goal is to make sure that being a manager here is to help maintain that superiority level for all of the employees under my supervision," Bando said.

"I started on Marathon Day in April of 1995 and my career here has been like a marathon," she quipped. "I find that pretty ironic."

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