Sept. 10, 2004 • Volume 13 Number 1

Massachusetts Court Ruling Supports University on Joining ACC in 2005

A Massachusetts Superior Court summary action ruling last month has boosted Boston College's chances of joining the Atlantic Coast Conference next July 1.

The summary action judgment, issued by Justice Allan van Gestel on August 18, stated that Boston College is entitled to withdraw from its current membership in the Big East Conference on that date, with an exit payment of $1 million to the league.

Big East officials filed a notice on Aug. 24 that they intended to appeal van Gestel's decision.

Big East member schools had sought a longer withdrawal notice and an increased exit fee for teams leaving the sports conference. Attorneys for Boston College, a charter member of the athletic conference, contended that conference by-laws in effect at the time of the University's announced move to the ACC specified a 12-month withdrawal notice period and $1 million withdrawal penalty.

BC and Big East Conference members had filed cross-motions for a summary judgment to decide the matter.

The proposed change of withdrawal procedures and penalties "was not adopted in accordance with the [Conference] Constitution and is therefore null and void," van Gestel wrote in his judgment. -Reid Oslin

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