October 21, 2004 • Volume 13 Number 4


"Winning an election as part of the democratization process means the reception of a new responsibility for the country and marks a beginning to a new era that strives for the continued development of democracy. We all want to see that the next government is established not only from and by the people, but also for the people."

Philosophy doctoral student Thomas Hidya Tjaya, on the aftermath of Indonesia's first direct presidential elections, Jakarta Post

"We gave them a hard time, saying 'Canada won, Canada won, eh.' But it was all in fun. All of us have the same interests and it doesn't matter where you're from because we all love to play hockey."

BC hockey player Dan Bertram '08, discussing how he and fellow Canadian Todd Perry '08 shared their country's World Cup championship with their American teammates, Calgary Sun

"So I just thought I'd pull the old Boston College Doug Flutie, throw the football in the end zone and see if anybody catches it. You know what I'm saying?"

Travis "Bubba" Sampson, recounting his experiences on the television show "Survivor: Vanuatu" in an interview on CBS-TV's "The Early Show."

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