March 31, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 14

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Asst. Prof. Noah Snyder (Geology and Geophysics) PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Field of Interest: Impact of environmental or human-related factors on rivers
Course: Exploring the Earth I, Rivers and the Environment, Watershed Geomorphology, Earth System Seminar, Seminar in Geology
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Snyder's research focuses on understanding how rivers respond to perturbations, ranging from long-term changes in tectonics or climate to short-term changes in management style or land use. His dissertation described how a series of steep mountain streams on the northern California coast have been affected by the northward propaagation of the San Andreas Fault. Snyder plans to study how rivers change as a result of processes from deglaciation to restoration efforts such as reforestation and dam removal.

Adj. Lect. Howard Troughton (Mathematics)
PhD, Boston College (Education), University of Calgary (Mathematics)
Field of Interest: School choice, mathematics education
Courses: Mathematics for Management Science, Ideas in Mathematics, Finite Mathematics and Applications.
Troughton joined the BC faculty following many years as a mathematics instructor at colleges and universities in the Boston area and Canada. Troughton holds a master's degree in environmental science and his previous experience includes time spent working as a computer programmer and environmental researcher. Troughton has served on numerous environmental advocacy committees and has published papers on such topics as the Canadian toad and environmental protection

Asst. Prof. Darren Kisgen (CSOM)
PhD, University of Washington
Research Interests: Capital structure and financing decisions, mergers and acquisitions, investments, mutual funds
Teaching Interests: Corporate finance, investments, investment banking.
A member of the Carroll School of Management Finance faculty, Kisgen holds bachelor's degrees from Washington University in St. Louis in mathematics, economics and business administration. Publications include "Evaluating Fixed Income Fund Performance with Stochastic Discount Factors" in Review of Financial Studies, which he coauthored with Collins Professor of Finance Wayne Ferson, and "Credit Ratings and Capital Structure," forthcoming in Journal of Finance. Kisgen served as an investment banker at Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co. Inc. and as vice president for international capital markets at Credit Suisse First Boston, among other positions.
-Stephen Gawlik

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