March 31, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 14

BC-related Sound Bite of the Month

New Zealand Member of Parliament Dail Jones: What does the Minister have to say about the comments made by Edward Kane, the James F. Cleary Professor in Finance at Boston College, who was a professional fellow at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, who recently described the proposed joint regulator as "incompatible" with New Zealand's current regulatory system and a "dangerous step"; and given that that view is consistent, in my understanding, with that of the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Alan Bollard, Treasury, and the Ministry of Economic Development, as reported in the Dominion Post on 24 February, is not the Minister's decision a clear example of a dereliction of his duty to protect New Zealand's national interests?

New Zealand Minister of Finance Michael Cullen: No.

(Scoop Internet news service,

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