March 31, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 14

BC Student Athletes Rank High in New NCAA Study

Boston College student-athletes have received high marks in the recently released National Collegiate Athletic Association Academic Progress Rates (APR) report for all of the NCAA's 326 Division I schools.

Overall, BC scholarship athletes earned a 979 rating of a possible 1000 in the new study that seeks to provide a real-time assessment of a team's academic performance. The average APR of all Division I institutions is 948. An APR score of 925 correlates to an expected graduation rate of approximately 50 percent.

The NCAA selected the APR approach to academic reform to encourage higher graduation rates. In future years, schools failing to meet minimum academic standards could lose athletic scholarships in sports with low APR ratings.

In Division 1-A football team APR ratings, the Eagles (978) rank sixth of 117 teams, behind Stanford University (994), the US Naval Academy (992), Duke University (985), Rutgers University (980) and Rice University (979).

The initial APR study covers data from the 2003-2004 academic year. It will be expanded into a database of four academic years that will be updated annually.

-Reid Oslin

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