March 3, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 12

Welcome Additions

Asst. Prof. Leslie Salzinger (Sociology) PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Field of Interest: The cultural constitution of economic processes and the creation of subjectivities within political economies.
Courses: Global Sociology; Feminist Theories of Gender; Ethnographic Method.

Salzinger, a former University of Chicago faculty member, is an ethnographer, specializing in the study of gender, feminist theory, economic sociology and globalization. Her 2003 book, Genders in Production: Making Workers in Mexico's Global Factories, focuses on the formation and consequences of gendered subjectivities in transnational production on Mexico's northern border. Her current research investigates the social constitution of markets and value among peso/dollar traders in banks located in the New York and Mexico City.

Lect. Judith E. Schwartz (Communication)
MEd, University of Massachusetts-Boston
Field of Interest: College and community radio.
Course: Radio Operations and Production.
Schwartz holds the newly created position of faculty coordinator for WZBC-FM, advising the leadership of Boston College's student-run radio station. She brings an active history of advising as well as participating in college and community radio stations in Massachusetts and Michigan. An avid audio recordist, her most recent release was a concert recording of the late jazz saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, included in a boxed set on Ayler Records.

Asst. Prof. Claudia Rinaldi (LSOE)
PhD, University of Miami
Field of Interest: Learning disabilities and reading, with an emphasis on emotional and behavioral disorders.
Courses: Educational Assessment of Children with Learning Problems, Working with Special Needs Children, Learning Strategies for Children with Learning Problems.
Rinaldi, who previously taught in the Department of Special Education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, has done extensive research in the area of behavioral and emotional problems in students. She has served as a research assistant, project coordinator and project manager for "Project SUCCEED," a program focusing on teacher quality partnerships sponsored by the University of Miami, and as a research assistant on a federally-funded project that evaluated school-linked services for children with disabilities and their families. Her professional activities include serving as webmaster for the Executive Committee of the Council for Children with Behavior Disorders, a division of the Council for Exceptional Children.

Asst. Prof. Marina Vasilyeva (LSOE)
PhD, University of Chicago
Field of Interest: Cognitive development in children.
Courses: Child Growth and Development, Psychology of Learning.
Vasilyeva studies how children's cognitive skills are influenced by their interactions with caregivers. For the past four years, she has conducted post-doctoral research in this field at the University of Chicago where her work was sponsored by the McCormick Tribute Early Childhood Research Grant. She studied for her doctoral degree on a University of Chicago Century Fellowship, and earned the school's John Dewey Lectureship Award as a first-year faculty member in 1999. As an undergraduate, Vasilyeva studied under a National Fellowship at the University of Krasnoyarsk in her native Russia, and taught at that university for two years before pursuing advanced studies in the United States.
-Reid Oslin

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