March 3, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 12

Tuition, Fees for 2005-06 Set

The Boston College Board of Trustees set undergraduate tuition, room and board charges for the 2005-2006 year at $42,268, a 6.6 percent increase that mirrors cost increases at the top-tier institutions with which the University competes for students.

To help maintain families' accessibility to a BC education, the board also voted to increase financial aid by 7.7 percent to a total of $95.3 million.

Overall the University's fiscal 2006 operating budget was set at $618.2 million, balanced for the 34th consecutive year.

University spokesman Jack Dunn said the increase in tuition was necessary to attract and retain the nation's best faculty, provide the latest technological innovations in the dorm and classrooms and to fulfill our commitment to meet the full need of all students who are accepted to Boston College.

"Each year, we generally rank as the 16th lowest tuition among our top 20 competitor cohorts," said Dunn. "When all tuitions are announced within the next month, we anticipate retaining that position relative to our competitor institutions."

Specifically, the increased costs will help to support new faculty initiatives, provide upgrades in classroom technology and science labs and fund salary increases to help BC remain competitive in the higher education marketplace. In addition, the increases will help to fund dormitory and building renovations projects across campus.

"To maintain our competitiveness among the nation's top colleges and universities, we must constantly commit resources to enhancing our academic programs," said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John J. Neuhauser.

"This increase will enable us to offer more financial aid, improve course technology support, maintain diversity, create new courses, develop our new and existing properties, improve advising and retain a number of our key faculty who are coveted by other universities.

"While we remain focused on controlling costs and limiting tuition increases, the reality is that excellence is an expensive proposition, and Boston College offers a truly excellent educational opportunity and experience," said Neuhauser. -Public Affairs Staff

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