March 3, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 12

BC Announces Long-Term Care Insurance Plan

The Boston College Benefits Office has announced a new long-term care insurance program for eligible University employees and their family members.

A letter sent to employees last week by Benefits Office Director Jack Burke spelled out details of the plan, which will be offered through John Hancock Life Insurance Co. A second mailing scheduled for this week includes an age-based, personalized rate quote as well as schedule of upcoming information meetings.

The open enrollment period for long-term care insurance ends April 15.

Long-term care insurance is a private coverage policy to help pay for some medical and some non-medical care over an extended period of time. Because Medicare does not normally pay for long-term care, this type of insurance policy may help provide coverage for long-term care that individuals may need in the future.

"Many people may have personal experience providing care for a parent, friend or relative and realize the emotional and financial stress this situation can place on a family," said Benefits Office Director Jack Burke.

"Long-term care insurance can help preserve and protect their financial resources and provide peace of mind to them and their family."

Burke said the insurance is intended to complement the employee health care plan to provide coverage for long-term and chronic illness or injuries that regular health insurance plans are not designed to cover.

"Boston College has selected John Hancock Life Insurance Co. as the insurer of this plan for their financial stability, leadership in the field of long-term care insurance and ability to provide comprehensive benefits and superior customer service," said Burke.

For more information on long-term care insurance enrollment, employees can call the John Hancock Service Center at 1-800-555-8314, or see the Web site (username: BC; password: mybenefit).

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