March 17, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 13

Luke Howe (left) and Ben Nauman will head BC's student government.

Howe-Nauman Duo Wins UGBC Election

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

A pair of Boston College juniors who promised to put the "BC" back in to "UGBC" now face the task of leading that organization.

Luke Howe and Ben Nauman were elected president and vice president, respectively, of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College in voting held Feb. 28 and March 1. They defeated a ticket of juniors Reena Parikh and Nick Fuller-Googins. Howe and Nauman received 2,135, or 54 percent, of the 3,985 votes cast.

The Howe-Nauman administration takes office on May 1, succeeding the current UGBC administration of graduating seniors Grace Simmons and Burnell Holland.

"It was a hard-fought election, but I think in the end students wanted the focus of their government to be on BC, not the rest of the world," said Nauman, a political science major from Wellesley.

The victors said their ticket was formed out of some shared ideas about how the student government could better serve the students of Boston College. Howe and Nauman cited what they describe as an increased emphasis in recent years by UGBC on raising awareness of social and political issues in foreign countries.

"Those issues are important, but as a student government we have to be concerned with the needs of students on this campus, too," said Howe, a native of Phoenix.

"Our motto was 'Putting Students First' and it seems to have paid off," he said.

The duo said that a major focus in the coming year will include improving the presence of clubs on campus. They plan to create new fundraising opportunities for clubs and work with Student Development administrators to streamline the process by which new clubs are formed. They said they also hope to make the funding process more transparent.

"There seems to be a lot of red tape involved with the current process of starting a new club and we need to see if there's a way to change some of that," said Nauman, an aspiring Navy officer and transfer student from George Washington University where, he said, students have multiple means of funding their clubs and activities.

"As far as funding clubs there's a lot more that can be done. I've seen it work at other places and know we can make that a reality."

One idea Howe and Nauman said they will soon propose is the creation of an entertainment guide students could purchase for a small fee that would feature coupons for local stores and eateries. Proceeds from the sale of the guides would then be used to underwrite some UGBC student life activities.

"That would be an immediate seller," said Howe, a marketing major in the Carroll School of Management. "The customer would get more than the cost of the book in discounts and business owners like the idea because it draws more customers to their stores."

The new administration also plans to lobby University administrators to keep a dining facility open 24 hours per day and develop a program to help students get legal advice.

Howe and Nauman said they wanted the top UGBC jobs because they care about the experience that BC students have during their college years.

"We both care about BC and want this to be a great place for students," said Howe. "I think Ben and I have an amazing capacity for work and we're ready to get started."

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