March 17, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 13


"I don't want this Carroll School to be the Carroll School of Money. I don't want it to be just about a trajectory of job titles. It has to be more about your vocation for life." -Carroll School of Management Dean Andrew Boynton, profiled in the Boston Globe.

"People tend not to recognize how much their marriage can affect the rest of their life. How the marriage helps or hurts tends to come out more during a crisis, but our marriages are affecting our health and well-being all the time." -Assoc. Prof. Karen Kayser (GSSW), in USA Today, on a recent study that suggests spouses in happy marriages recover from injuries and illness faster than those in unhappy marriages.

"Spanish is not some difficult way to speak English. It's a whole different system and conveyor of culture that . . . immediately opens up all kinds of windows of opportunities." -Assoc. Prof. Harry Rosser (Romance Languages), interviewed by the Boston Globe on efforts by BC and other schools to create a more multilingual America.

"Americans actually support all kinds of civil unions. Where they draw the line is this magic word called marriage." -Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life Director Prof. Alan Wolfe (Political Science), appearing on ABC-TV's "World News Tonight."

"It's been good; we're all strangers who just came together for spring break. It's definitely because of places like this that make it fun. The hospitality has been amazing. The town's been really great." -Chris Ignaciuk '05, one of 21 Boston College students who worked at a Habitat in Humanity site in Greenwood, SC, last week, nterviewed by The Index-Journal of Greenwood.

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