Feb. 3, 2005 • Volume 13 Number 10


"People come to college with questions, and are redefining who they are and what they believe, the values that they will take with them into the 21st century, and much of that is spiritual. To be invited to play a part in that redefinition is exciting, and it is daunting, because this kind of work gets at the core of who someone is, believes and stands for." -Campus Minister Fr. Tony Penna, on his role as chaplain to the Athletic Association, interviewed by the Daily News Tribune

"I don't view raising the eligibility age as the magic bullet. It will hit hard on the least fortunate." -College of Arts and Sciences Dean Joseph Quinn, discussing possible Social Security reforms, interviewed by USA Today

"Today we saw the unveiling of a business strategy that people will be talking about for years to come."

-Assoc. Prof. John Gallaugher (CSOM), on Apple Computer's introduction of its new low-priced Mac Mini, interviewed by The New York Times

"My fear is that Boston will end up looking like any other American city." -University Historian Thomas O'Connor, interviewed by the Associated Press on the potential impact of acquisitions of major local companies such as Gillette.

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