Dec. 2, 2004 • Volume 13 Number7

Paul Mariani

Nota Bene

Boston College authors are featured in the recently published The Best Catholic Writing 2004, a collection of essays and articles that celebrates what editor Brian Doyle calls "the wild, sweet, confusing depth of American Catholicism."

The inaugural volume includes "Shadow of the Father" by University Professor of English Paul Mariani, originally published in America, and "The Pond," by Director of Marketing Communications and Special Assistant to the President Ben Birnbaum, from Image.

Also included is "The Lunatic in the Pew," by Alice McDermott, which appeared in Boston College Magazine. McDermott's son is a BC sophomore.

Other authors featured in the collection include National Catholic Reporter Vatican correspondent and CNN analyst John L. Allen Jr., Harvard Law School Learned Hand Professor Mary Ann Glendon and best-selling author Rev. Andrew Greeley.

Doyle, who is editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland, was a member of the Boston College Communications Office staff and senior writer for Boston College Magazine.


Prof. Dennis Shirley (LSOE) is the recipient of a one-month residency at the Rockefeller Study and Conference Center in Bellagio, Italy. The topic of his research is "Building Social Capital to Improve Urban Education." Shirley is writing a book about his leadership of the Massachusetts Coalition for Teaching Quality and Student Achievement, a partnership of seven colleges and universities and 21 public schools in Boston, Springfield, and Worcester. Boston College is the lead institution in the coalition, which received a $7.2 million grant from the United States Department of Education in 1999.


The Gerontological Society of America, a non-profit professional organization with more than 5,000 members in the field of aging, presented Assoc. Prof. Kevin Mahoney (GSSW) with the 2004 Maxwell A. Pollack Award for Productive Aging at the society's annual scientific meeting last month in Washington, DC.

The annual award honors individuals whose work improves policy and practice and bridges research and practice.

Mahoney is the program director of Cash and Counseling, a successful model program led by BC in which disabled Medicaid consumers decide for themselves how their personal assistance needs will be met. The program received a $7 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation this year to expand its efforts.

He also is director of the GSSW-based Center for the Study of Home and Community Life [], which seeks to improve support and services for persons with disabilities through consumer direction, and foster the development of inclusive communities that recognize and value the roles of older people and persons with disabilities.

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