Dec. 2, 2004 • Volume 13 Number 7

Prof. Francis X. Clooney, SJ (Theology)

New Jesuit Institute Seminar Is Forum for Junior Faculty

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

A seminar launched this semester by the Jesuit Institute to welcome new junior faculty members to Boston College and provide a forum for discussing their work continues today with lectures by recently arrived faculty in fine arts and nursing.

"Junior Scholars in Conversation," organized and presented by Prof. Francis X. Clooney, SJ (Theology), is designed to demonstrate how research and collaborative interchange are possible at a modern university, such as Boston College.

Today's seminar, which takes place today at 5:30 p.m. in the St. Mary's Hall conference room, features talks by Asst. Prof. Stephanie Leone (Fine Arts) and Asst. Prof. Thomas Connelly (CSON).

Leone, an art historian, will present "Rome's The Palazzo Pamphilj" which is, in part, the subject of a book she is writing on the intersection between domestic architecture and social rituals as well as other issues like urbanism and artistic collaboration. She is also involved in a collaborative project on the architecture and history of the abbey of Saint Sebastiano in Alatri, Italy.

Connelly will present "Hope in Children with Chronic Illness," based partly on his experiences at a summer camp for children with chronic illness, where he conducted focus groups to further explicate the concept of hope and how hopefulness relates to self-management and quality of life for children.

"It is valuable for us to have opportunities to talk about the interconnections between our lives, our teaching, and our research and writing projects," said Fr. Clooney, who claims there is too little cross-disciplinary discussion at BC and other universities.

"Faculty should get out and see what their colleagues are doing and share, from various perspectives, their own thoughts on their work and its implications," said Fr. Clooney.

The Jesuit Institute, founded in 1988, seeks to advance the Jesuit and Catholic calling of Boston College by promoting inquiry into questions that emerge "at the intersection of faith and culture." More than 100 faculty participate each year in seminars hosted by the institute, which also underwrites research fellowships, projects in literature and the arts, and various conferences and lectures.

The first of the "Junior Scholars" seminars was held in early October and featured presentations by Asst. Prof. Crystal Tiala (Theater) on scene design presentation in theater productions, and Prof. Gregory Kalscheur, SJ (Law School), whose talk was titled "What Does it Mean to be Catholic in a Pluralistic, Democratic Society?"

"So far this year participants have found these sessions rewarding and enjoyable - a chance to meet other new faculty, to hear about work in progress, and to engage in a truly interdisciplinary conversation that brings together faculty from all parts of the University - thus fulfilling a key element in BC's identity as a Jesuit and Catholic university," said Fr. Clooney.

For more information on the "Junior Scholars" series, contact the Jesuit Institute at ext. 2-8290.

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