Dec. 16, 2004 • Volume 13 Number 8

Albert J. Kelley

Former CSOM Dean Kelley Dead at 80

A funeral Mass was celebrated Tuesday in St. Ignatius Church for Albert J. Kelley, dean of the Carroll School of Management from 1967 until 1978 and member of President George H.W. Bush's administration, who died in Arlington, Va., Dec. 8 after a long illness. He was 80.

Dr. Kelley, who was neither a businessman nor an academician when he accepted the position of dean of the University's then-named College of Business Administration, helped develop the once small and little known professional school into a top-flight academic entity.

During his tenure as dean, the School of Management adopted a new name, expanded its academic focus with an emphasis on technology, became co-educational, witnessed a marked upswing in the academic credentials of the school's undergraduate students, expanded the size and quality of faculty, and saw its graduate degree program upgraded and nationally accredited.

Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John J. Neuhauser, who succeeded Dr. Kelley as CSOM dean in 1978, recalled his predecessor as an architect of the Carroll School as it exists today.

"He was the first real professional school dean who was a professional himself and not an academic," he said. "His greatest legacy is that he pushed very hard to have the school's graduate programs accredited. That really gave the school a national presence that it never had before. Because of the various accreditation requirements having to do with the number of faculty and the kinds of curriculum, it really changed the school quite dramatically. It set the stage for everything else that followed."

Dr. Kelley, who prior to his arrival had been deputy director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Electronics Research Center in Cambridge, also was active in government and public service. He served as economic advisor to Massachusetts Gov. Francis Sargent and President Richard M. Nixon, and then as Undersecretary of Defense for International Programs in the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

Dr. Kelley was a popular as well as effective administrator, Neuhauser said. "Al was a warm person who liked a good laugh. He was a good, big-hearted man. That's how I remember him."

A native of Boston, Dr. Kelley was a 1945 graduate of the US Naval Academy. He served as a Navy aviator in both World War II and Korea and later was a test pilot. Dr. Kelley received a doctorate in science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956.

He left Boston College to become senior vice president of Arthur D. Little Inc, a consulting firm in Cambridge. He was a fellow in Harvard's Kennedy School of Government from 1994 until 1997 and later was a senior research affiliate at MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was a director of numerous corporations.

Dr. Kelley was married to the late Virginia (Riley) Kelley, and was the brother of the late Barbara Mower, Joanne McCarthy and Gen. Paul X. Kelley, USMC (ret.) former commandant of the US Marine Corps. He is survived by sons Mark, Shaun and David, and five grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, donation may be made to the Albert J. and Virginia M. Kelley Fund in care of the Boston College Development Office in More Hall. -Reid Oslin

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