Truman Scholarship Program Lauds BC's Achievements

Truman Scholarship Program Lauds BC's Achievements

Boston College's exemplary participation in the Truman Scholarship program has earned it a designation as an Honor Institution by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

The award recognizes BC's active encouragement of outstanding young people to pursue careers in public service; effective promotion of the Truman program on campus, and sustained success in helping students win Truman Scholarships.

Prof. Donald Hafner (Political Science), director of the University Fellowships Committee, praised BC's Truman Scholarship coordinators, Political Science faculty members Prof. Jennie Purnell and Assoc. Prof. Kenji Hayao "for bringing this national recognition to Boston College. This is one clear instance where the achievements being acknowledged are those of our faculty advisers," he said.

The Truman Scholarship provides $3,000 for the senior year and $27,000 for graduate study, and is awarded on the basis of leadership potential, intellectual ability, and likelihood of "making a difference."

Boston College students have enjoyed marked success in the competition for Truman Scholarships in recent years. A BC student has won a Truman in four of the past six years. In the past two years, five of eight BC students nominated have been named finalists, and two have won Trumans.

"The reason for BC's success is that BC students are particularly well-suited to the Truman," said Hayao. "Many of our students are very much committed to public service, as reflected in the popularity of PULSE and 4Boston.

"In this regard, I don't think our recent success is a streak of good fortune. Given the type of students we have, I expect BC students to be in the running every year."

This year, Jonathan Evans '04, of Tunkhannock, Pa., won a Truman Scholarship after helping coordinate a successful drive to have so-called Fair Trade coffee exclusively served in Boston College's six dining halls, and made consistently available as a choice at the Starbucks' outlet in McElroy Commons.

-Mark Sullivan


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