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Continental affairs

The Philosophy Department marked the opening of a new academic year with a conference this past Saturday, "Continental Philosophy: Towards the Future?," showcasing recent research and publications by eight of its faculty members on the likes of Heidegger, Freud, Foucault and others.

Two panel discussions took place during the event: The first, "Phenomenology, Existentialism and Hermeneutics," featured professors Richard Cobb-Stevens and Jacques Taminiaux, Charles Seelig Professor Richard Kearney and Jean-Luc Marion, a visiting faculty member who is John Nuveen Professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Taking part in the second panel, "Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis and Cultural Critique," were professors David Rasmussen, Rev. James Bernauer, SJ, William Richardson and Assoc. Prof. Vanessa Rumble.

Prelude to the Republic

BC's Irish Studies Program turns its scholarly attention to the early years of independent Ireland with a 10-part lecture series, "Ireland Before the Republic: Politics and Culture, 1922-1949." Researchers and authors from Boston College and special guests, many with past ties to BC, will make presentations during the series, which runs through the spring.

The series began this week with "Irish Home Rule, 1900-2000," a book launch and lecture by Alvin Jackson, a history professor at Queen's University in Belfast and former Burns Scholar in Irish Studies, and continues on Monday, Sept. 22, with "The Politics of Sexual Knowledge: The Origins of Ireland's Containment Culture and 'The Carrigan Report,'" by Asst. Prof. James Smith (English).

All "Ireland Before the Republic" events will take place in Connolly House. For more information, see the Irish Studies Web site.

Graduate Arts and Sciences

Ethics and integrity

As Boston College continues its emergence as a research university, faculty, staff and students are confronting a range of issues concerning ethics, integrity and various aspects of compliance in research.

To assist members of the BC community in their research efforts, and to provide a forum for discussing research-related questions, a series of workshops, seminars and other events on the responsible conduct of research and research integrity are taking place during the academic year.

Information on these programs, supported by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences along the Office for Research Compliance and Intellectual Property Management, is available at


Campion Visitor Program to continue

The Friendly Visitor Program, which brings faculty and staff to visit elderly Jesuits at the Campion Center in Weston, is seeking volunteers for the fall semester.

The three-year-old program enlists members of the Boston College community to make monthly visits to the infirm and elderly Jesuits who have served at Boston College and are now in the Campion Center. Visitors leave Boston College at 2 p.m., stay for approximately an hour at Campion and return to campus by 4 p.m. Transportation is provided for those who need it.

This semester's visits will take place on the following dates: Monday, Sept. 22; Tuesday, Oct. 14; Wednesday, Nov. 12; Thursday, Dec. 11.
To volunteer, contact Rev. William McInnes, SJ, at ext.2-8192 or

Colloquium on ancient philosophy

The Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy and the BC Philosophy Department will welcome Socratic scholar Marcelo Boeri, a professor of philosophy at Universidad de Los Andes in Santiago, Chile, for a seminar and lecture on Thursday, Sept. 25.
At 3 p.m., Boeri will present the seminar "The Socratic Background to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, III 4-5," in room 380 of the 21 Campanella Way administration building. His public lecture will follow at 7:30 p.m., titled "Socrates, Aristotle, and the Stoics on the Apparent and Real Good."

For more information, contact John Cleary at

Philosopher Fr. Clarke to speak

Noted metaphysician Rev. W. Norris Clarke, SJ, a professor emeritus of philosophy at Fordham University, will present "Why I Believe in God: The Faith of a Christian Philosopher," Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. in Cushing 001.

Fr. Norris is a founding editor of the International Philosophical Quarterly and winner of the American Catholic Philosophical Association's Aquinas Medal. For more on his life and work, visit the Web page

Policies manual is updated

University Policies and Procedures Director Ivy Dodge recently announced that the following revised policies are now available in the Boston College Policies and Procedures Manual: 1-300-010 "University Smoking Policy"; 5-350-001 "Boston College Police - Function and Responsibilities"; 5-350-200 "Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act"; 5-350-210 "Reporting Crimes and Other Emergencies"; 5-350-220 "Safety Notification Procedure"; and 5-350-240 "Campus Law Enforcement."
These policies may be viewed on-line by accessing the "What's New" page of the manual at


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