Outstanding BC Alumni to Receive Honors Sept. 25

Outstanding BC Alumni to Receive Honors Sept. 25

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

John E. Joyce '61, MBA '70, co-founder of the highly successful Boston College Club and a past president of the Boston College Alumni Association, has been named recipient of the 2003 William V. McKenney Award as the University's outstanding alumnus.

Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts) and Nellie Mae Foundation CEO Blenda Wilson (below) are among this year's winners of Alumni Achievement Awards.
Joyce will receive the McKenney Award, the University's highest alumni honor, at the annual Alumni Achievement Awards ceremony in Robsham Theater on Sept. 25 at 7 p.m.

The managing director of Deutsche Bank Alex Brown in Boston, Joyce has served his alma mater in a variety of volunteer and advisory positions over the past 40 years.

"With the experience and gratification that I have gotten from Boston College, I have made a lifelong commitment to give back in any way I can," says Joyce. "Whether it is time, talents or treasures, that's what I really feel I have an obligation to do."

Joyce was a driving force behind the 1998 establishment of the Boston College Club, located in Boston's Financial District. After only five years of operation, the club's membership is just under 2,500 and revenues have exceeded all initial projections.

In addition to covering the initial costs of the operation, the club's proceeds have generated more than $330,000 into a scholarship fund for city youngsters to attend Boston College. Joyce predicts that the club-based scholarship fund will nearly double during the current fiscal year.

Joyce was elected president of the Alumni Association in 1973-74, the youngest graduate to hold the office. He currently chairs the Council of Past Alumni Presidents.

Former Eagle football player Omari Walker '97, MEd. '02, co-founder of the "Resiliency for Life" mentoring and tutoring program for underachieving students at Framingham High School, will receive the Young Alumni Award of Excellence at the ceremony in recognition of his accomplishments in the education and youth service fields.

As an undergraduate, Walker won the University's Thomas F. Scanlan Award as the top football scholar-athlete. He worked with BC's "Kids on Campus" tutoring program in his senior year.

After graduation, he joined the faculty at Framingham High School where he developed a remedial program for students serving house suspension. His "Resiliency" program is aimed at capable students who are hindered by counterproductive behavior. It involves instruction, goal-setting and the establishment of parent, school and community partnerships to serve the students.

Blenda J. Wilson
Along with Joyce and Walker, eight Boston College alumni will be honored for their excellence in various professions, including arts and humanities, commerce, education, health, law, public service, religion and science:

John J. Michalczyk '66, MA '67 (Arts and Humanities) - A noted documentary filmmaker, he is professor of fine arts and co-director of the Boston College Film Studies Program.
James A. Champy, JD '68 (Commerce) - Chairman of Consulting for Perot Systems and author of best-selling books on leadership and business management.

Blenda J. Wilson, PhD '79 (Education) - First president and CEO of the Nellie Mae Foundation, New England's largest foundation dedicated to education.

Constance T. Donovan '64 (Health) - A cancer nurse specialist and associate clinical professor at the Yale School of Nursing, she has helped develop national standards for providing competent and effective care for cancer patients.

Robert J. Muldoon '60, MA '61, LLB '65 (Law) - An accomplished lawyer and master litigator, he has also served as chairman of the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Victor Ciardello Jr. '65 (Public Service) - A public servant throughout his career, he is currently director of Industrial Base Transformation for the US Department of Defense.

Archbishop Timothy P.A. Broglio '73 (Religion) - A widely published authority on Canon Law, in 2001 he was named papal nuncio to the Dominican Republic and Apostolic Delegate to Puerto Rico.

Paul J. Hesketh, MD '74 (Science) - Chief of hematology and oncology at Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston, he is also an internationally respected expert on the education and training of young physicians.


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