Why BC?

Why BC?

Freshmen comment on Boston College's popularity

"It was near the city of Boston without actually being in the city. The campus looked awesome. The students seemed extremely friendly and everyone I talked to said they loved it here. BC seemed like a place where I could experience the full culture and spectrum of life." -Anthony DeMarco, CSOM, Saddle Brook, NJ

"Many students at my school express an interest in the Boston area, Boston College in particular. The competition to get into BC from Sparta is intense. About 20 students applied out of a class of 239 this past school year."

-Rachael DeChacon, A&S, Sparta, NJ

"I was interested in going to school back east and was looking for a good business school. I also thought BC was a perfect size. I have heard only great things from friends and others that have gone to BC. My guidance counselor thought it would be a good choice for me and I thought BC was in a great location, being only a few miles from downtown Boston."
-Brett Garber, CSOM, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.


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