BC Ranks in Atlantic's Top 50

BC Ranks in Atlantic's Top 50

Boston College placed among the top 50 in the Atlantic Monthly's first annual college admissions survey, which appears in the magazine's November issue.

According to the Atlantic, the rankings were based on school admission rate, SAT scores and high school class rank of matriculating freshmen, and included doctoral universities, liberal arts colleges and service academies.

"For the purposes of this illustration the variables were weighted equally to produce a rank for each school for 2002 and certain previous years as well," writes Don Peck in his article, "The Selectivity Illusion," which accompanies the survey.

BC placed 49th in the survey, which ranked the Massachusetts Institute of Technology first. Other highly rated colleges and universities included Princeton (second), Yale (fourth), Harvard (fifth), Amherst (11th), Duke (14th), Georgetown (20th), Notre Dame (31st), Tufts (36th) and Virginia (38th). The United States Coast Guard and Naval academies finished 47th and 48th, respectively.

The online version of the Atlantic Monthly November 2003 issue offers more details on the survey.


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