"It opens up an interesting question, which is why is Howard Dean the liberal candidate for president?" -Assoc. Prof. Dennis Hale (Political Science), on Dean's anti-gun control stance (Boston Herald).

"If you know where to look you can still find the pockets of grittiness in some parts; if I were a Hollywood producer, I could go in and find what I'm looking for. Now, is that characteristic of the whole neighborhood? My tendency is to say no."

-University Historian Thomas H. O'Connor, on the gentrification of Boston's former working-class neighborhoods (Baltimore Sun).

"It's a very efficient type of sale. It's a way to offer an advertised price to someone who really cares about it but not have to give the price to someone who doesn't care."

-Assoc. Prof. Kathleen Seiders (CSOM), on why manufacturers and retailers offer rebates (Boston Globe)  

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