BC Reputation Ranks High in Business Leaders' Survey

BC Reputation Ranks High in Business Leaders' Survey

Boston College has one of the finest organizational reputations in the state, according to a recent survey of business leaders.

The first annual Massachusetts Corporate Reputation Survey, conducted earlier this fall for Boston public relations firm Morrissey & Co., asked 201 Massachusetts executives to rate a select list of 144 Bay State companies and organizations on six attributes: general reputation, products and services, social responsibility, ethics and corporate governance, workplace environment and financial performance.

BC ranked second to Harvard University in the survey, finishing ahead of Fidelity Investments, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The remaining top 10 finishers were Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, Reebok International Ltd. and Boston University.

BC and the other top five organizations in the survey were the only ones to compile a "reputation score" of 60 or more, which was considered "superior."

"An organization's reputation is its most valuable asset. It is the composite picture of how it is viewed by its key audiences," said Morrissey & Co. President and CEO Peter A. Morrissey.

"The highly rated institutions in the Massachusetts Corporate Reputation Survey have earned the recognition, credibility and trust of local business leaders through their actions and behaviors, not through words alone. For them, reputation is about deeds, not spin."

The survey is available via the Web at www.reputationsurvey.com.


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