National Safety Council Lauds BC Environmental Policies

National Safety Council Lauds BC Environmental Policies

Boston College's Environmental Health and Safety program received a national award for its participation in an innovative environmental protection initiative.

The award, given by the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association of the National Safety Council, cites BC's participation in Project XL, an Environmental Protection Agency program that enables colleges and universities to adapt laboratory waste regulations for an academic environment.

Boston College shared the award with the University of Massachusetts-Boston and the University of Vermont, which have collaborated with BC on Project XL for three years.

"It's an honor to be recognized for what has been a lot of worthwhile hard work," said Environmental Health and Safety Officer Gail Hall.

Environmental Health and Safety Director Keith Kidd said, "Project XL has been a huge learning experience and we've been able to make some really good, positive changes with respect to environmental management at Boston College."

Administrators say they hope the results of Project XL will help guide the EPA in setting future environmental guidelines for academic institutions.

"We've given the EPA a lot of data on our waste volumes, increases in environmental awareness by lab workers, and pollution prevention measures," said Hall. "They are looking at our findings as new policies are developed for colleges and universities."

Said Director of Facilities Services Roger Goode, "As the University is seeking to enhance its research facilities it's nice to receive positive confirmation that the things we are doing are well received by government regulators.

"It's especially nice to win an award that lets us know that we are helping lead the way."

-Stephen Gawlik


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