May 27, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 18

Sophomore Wins Fulton Debate

Jeffrey Sullivan '06 of Towson, Md., won the Fulton Medal at the 112th annual Fulton Prize Debate held April 29 before a standing-room crowd in Gasson 305.

Sullivan took the gold-plated Fulton Medal in a split decision, being voted the best speaker of the evening though his side lost the debate. His teammate, Allen Best '07 of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was awarded the silver Gargan Medal as second-best speaker.

It was one of the few times in Fulton Debate history that honors for speaking had been swept by the side that lost the argument.

The topic for the debate was, "Resolved: That the United States Supreme Court should strike down regulations prohibiting indecent broadcasting upheld in FCC v. Pacifica."

Sullivan and Best argued in the affirmative that FCC indecency regulations violated the First Amendment and had a chilling effect on broadcast programming.

Honored at the debate was Assoc. Prof. Donald Fishman (Communication), who was named Fultonian of the Year for outstanding contributions as teacher and scholar.

-Mark Sullivan

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