March 4, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 12

BC Physics Workshop to Welcome Nobel Laureate

Nobel Laureate David Lee is among the scheduled speakers at a Boston College Physics workshop March 19-20 that will showcase the research facilities at renovated Higgins Hall.

Cornell physicist Lee, who shared the Nobel in 1996 for the discovery of superfluidity in helium-3, will address a plenary session at the close of the two-day conference on "Correlated Materials and Mesoscale Science," the inaugural workshop of BC Physics' Novel Electronics Materials Center.

In addition to Lee, several workshop participants are members of the National Academy of Sciences or the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, including David Pines from Los Alamos, Millie Dresselhaus and Patrick Lee from MIT, and Paul Chaikin from Princeton.

The workshop covers topics ranging from unconventional superconductivity to molecular electronics and nanotechnology.

"We are very pleased with the invited speaker list in the eight sessions, each of whom is a world leader in his or her own field," said organizer Prof. Michael Naughton (Physics).

"While small in scale, it's going to be a memorable event."

-Mark Sullivan

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