February 10, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 10

Welcome Additions

Adj. Asst. Prof. Breen Ó Conchubhair (Irish Studies)

Fields of Interest: Irish language and fiction.

Courses: Introduction to Modern Irish, Irish Poetry Through the Ages.

Ó Conchubhair teaches Irish language and literature courses, and works with the extensive collection of Irish-language material in the Burns Library. A recipient of master's degrees from the National University of Ireland, Galway and Boston College, he earned his doctorate from NUI, Galway, writing a dissertation that explored the internal origins and external stimulus for the Gaelic Revival and its European dimensions. He is a member of the Celtic Studies Committee of the Modern Languages Association, and will organize the 2004 Celtic Studies MLA meeting. His publications include Irish! (1999) and articles on fiction in Irish in Irish-Australian Studies, Irish University Review, Irisleabhar Mhá Nuad and New Hibernia Review.

Asst. Prof. Ernesto Livon-Grosman (Romance Languages)

Fields of Interest: Contemporary poetry, literary theory and travel writing.

Courses: The Latin American Avant-Garde, What's Modern About Modernismo?

Web: /schools/cas/romlang/faculty-staff/grosman/

Livon-Grosman received his doctorate from New York University. Through his essays and translations, Livon-Grosman explores the moving boundaries of the poetics of the Americas by focusing on experimental writing in Latin America and the United States. He has taught at the State University of New York at Albany, Yale University, New York University and the University of Rochester, and is the author of Geografías Imaginarias: el relato de viajes y la construcción del espacio patagónico. In 2003, he was a member of the Social Science Research Council's Distinguished Lecturers Series, serving as curator and speaker of the Cuba Program.

Asst. Prof. Ann Spinney (Music)

Fields of Interest: Traditional music of England, Scotland and Ireland, ethnomusicology.

Courses: Introduction to Irish Folk Music, Introduction to Celtic Music.


Spinney, a member of the BC Irish Studies faculty, has published several ethnomusicological studies on Native American peoples of the Northeast. She also plans to develop her research on the exchanges between England, Scotland and Ireland in the ballad tradition, and the transatlantic "Celtic punk" scene. She is also interested in the parallels between English perception and interaction with Irish people and with Native North Americans in the 16th and 17th centuries. Spinney holds a bachelor's degree from Oberlin College Conservatory, a master's degree from Northwestern University, and did her doctoral work at Harvard University. An accomplished clarinet performer, she has performed with the Boston Chamber Ensemble, the Boston Village Gamelan, and the Brookline Symphony Orchestra.

Asst. Prof. Mariela Páez (LSOE)

Fields of Interest: Early childhood education and English language learners with emphasis on variations in language and early-literacy skills related to home environments, immigration histories, and ethnic background.

Courses: Early Childhood Development and Learning, Learning and Development: The Special Needs of Early Learners.

Web: /bc_org/avp/soe/people/profiles/paez.html

Páez did doctoral and master's degree work at Harvard University, received a master's at Tufts University and a bachelor's degree from Cornell University. She is the co-author of "The Head Start Classroom as an Oral Language Environment: What Should the Performance Standards Be?" in The Head Start Debates (Friendly and Otherwise) and "Dual Language Abilities of Spanish-English Bilingual Four-year Olds: Initial Finding from the Early Childhood Study of Language and Literacy Development of Spanish-speaking Children" in NABE Journal of Research and Practice, among other articles. Páez was a senior researcher on the Longitudinal Immigrant Student Adaptation Study, an interdisciplinary 5-year study that investigates immigrant student adaptation among Chinese, Dominican, Haitian, Mexican, and Central American recent arrivals.

-Stephen Gawlik

"Welcome Additions," an occasional feature, profiles new faculty members at Boston College.

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