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February 5, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 10


A NIGHT IN THE PHILIPPINES - The Philippine Society of Boston College presented its annual culture night Jan. 31 in Robsham Theater, featuring student performances of Filipino music and dance. (Photo by Kris Brewer)

LSOE Study Sees Dip in High School Grad Rates

Researchers say reforms may have contributed to student attrition

Fewer American students are reaching 10th grade and US high school graduation rates are showing major declines, especially in some of the nation's largest states, according to a study released last month by Lynch School of Education researchers.

A Time for Research and 'Goodwill Americano'

Fulbright study offers chance for personal growth, say scholars

To Fulbright Scholar Jayanthia Narayan, a teacher of deaf and blind children in India who has come to the Lynch School of Education for post-doctoral research, visiting Boston has meant walking, literally, in the footsteps of Helen Keller.

'He Was a Hero...and He Still Is A Hero'

He helped save lives in East Timor, but Fr. Marwata says his work there isn't finished

Rev. Ageng Marwata, SJ, was almost sure he would be the next to die.