February 19, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 11

Fr. Leahy Speaking to Alumni Nationwide on Church 21

Fr. Leahy's upcoming itinerary has him addressing alumni chapters in Atlanta on Feb. 28, Naples, Fla., on March 4, and Chicago on March 16. He has given talks to chapters in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, and visits to Phoenix, Philadelphia and other cities are being considered. Fr. Leahy also will address alumni on Church 21 at Reunion Weekend June 3-6, as he has the past two years.

"It's become a wonderful opportunity for alumni around the country to hear him," said Alumni Association Executive Director Grace Cotter Regan '82.

She said between 200 and 500 alumni have attended each event for an address by Fr. Leahy followed by a Q&A and coffee with the president.

"People are so very grateful to Boston College for his leadership in talking about the crisis in the Church and the whole idea of renewal," she said. "If I hear anything from people, the thing they want is what they had at Boston College, that sense of community."

Alumni have welcomed the "Red Book" on BC's Ignatian tradition and the Church 21 resource guides that have been distributed at the events, and expressed appreciation for Church 21 coverage at the program website and in BC Magazine, she said.

Plans are now being discussed to send BC theologians to speak at alumni chapters next year, Regan said. "People want to get involved, either through BC as alumni or in their communities, and look to BC for resources," she said.

On the Web: BC Alumni Association; Church in the 21st Century. -Mark Sullivan.

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