Welcome Additions

Welcome Additions

Asst. Prof. Mohammed Shahabuddin (Biology)
PhD, University of Edinburgh
Field of Interest: Biology of disease transmission by insects
Teaching: Seminar in Infectious Diseases
Web: /schools/cas/biology/facadmin/shahab/
A malaria researcher, he seeks to identify crucial parasite and mosquito molecules that can be targeted to develop effective strategies for blocking transmission of the devastating disease spread by mosquito bite. As an investigator in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, Shahabuddin and colleagues identified a part of the insect immune system that naturally attacks malaria parasites. The research, detailed in a 2000 article he co-authored for Science, lent hope for the development of transmission-blocking vaccines and mosquitoes engineered to be parasite-resistant.

Asst. Prof. Helen Blier '87 M.Ed '94 (Theology/IREPM)
PhD, Emory University
Field of Interest: Youth and young adult faith ministry
Teaching: Co-Creating the Reign of God: Empowering Youth and Young Adults for the Common Good; Supervised Ministry and Professional Development; Mentoring a New Generation: Ministering Among Youth in a Diverse World; Youth, Meaning, and the Dynamics of Difference
Web: /schools/gsas/irepm/facstaff/
A high-school teacher for seven years prior to pursuing her doctorate in religion and education at Emory, she titled her dissertation, "Like Mining for Precious Stones: The Work and Wisdom of Exemplary Teachers." She has taught courses at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta in the area of youth- and young-adult faith.

Asst. Prof. Marina B. McCoy (Philosophy)
PhD, Boston University
Fields of Interest: Ancient Greek philosophy; history of philosophy; ethics; feminist philosophy
Teaching: Plato and the Sophists; Introduction to Feminist Philosophies; Perspectives I
Web: http://fmwww.bc.edu/pl/fac/mccoy.fac.html
Her doctoral thesis, "Reason, Virtue, and Moral Education: A Study of Plato's Protagoras," is featured at the Boston University Libraries Web site among resources on character education. She has written and lectured on Plato and the Sophists and currently is working on a thematic book on the topic.

Asst. Prof. Rebecca Nedostup (History)
PhD, Columbia University
Fields of Interest: Modern China; social, cultural and political history; religion, nationalism and modernity
Teaching: Rise of Modern China; Rites of Power in Modern China
Web: /schools/cas/history/faculty/alphabetical/nedostup_rebecca/
A China scholar, she is interested in the relationship between mass politics, popular culture and social power. Her current research focuses on campaigns against religious practice as part of the Chinese Nationalist government's program of cultural and social modernization in the 1920s and 1930s. She has lived in China for two years and Taiwan for three.

-Mark Sullivan

"Welcome Additions," an occasional feature, profiles new faculty members at Boston College.


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