"A lot of people are more afraid of paternity leave than they should be. There's a social bias against men doing it, based on the past belief that it is the mother's job to be responsible for the children."

-Kathy Lynch, director of corporate partnerships for the Boston College Center for Work and Family, on statistics indicating that few men take advantage of paternity leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. (The Blade, Toledo, Ohio)

"The disclosure of this was wrong, absolutely wrong. You would have the same sort of confidence here as you would have with a physician. Everything that is said is said in confidence because the individual comes to you precisely because he trusts you to keep it secret, and these are committed secrets. You've made the commitment prior to hearing it."

-Walsh Professor of Bioethics John Paris, SJ, on the release of a diary kept by a late Jesuit priest which included accounts of his counseling of Jacqueline Kennedy after her husband's assassination. (Toronto Star)

"China has changed since 2002. It knows its power and it realizes it doesn't have to flex its muscles with Taiwan."

-Prof. Robert Ross (Political Science), on the greater restraint shown by China, until its more recent threatening tone, toward Taiwan's calls for independence. (Inter Press Service)


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