April 15, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 15

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Asst. Prof. Ce Shen (GSSW)

PhD, Boston College

Fields of interest: Issues of social development; aging policy in international and cross-cultural context; child mortality and women's status in less developed countries.

Courses taught: Social Research Methods, Multivariate Statistics (doctoral only), Quantitative Methods (master's only).

Shen became a full-time Graduate School of Social Work faculty member last August after teaching part-time at the school since January of 2002. He earned a master's degree in sociology from BC in 1991 and was a teaching assistant in Sociology from 1990-93 before joining the Lynch School of Education, where he served as a research associate in the school's Program Research Office and then in the International Study Center, where he assisted with data analysis and management of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study. From 2000-03, Shen was a research associate for Academic Technology Services and provided consultation to faculty and graduate students on technology use in research. His publications include articles, solo or co-authored with BC faculty members, for Journal of Aging and Social Policy, Educational Research and Evaluation and Social Science and Medicine, among others.

Asst. Prof. Paul Kolbet (Theology)

PhD, University of Notre Dame

Fields of interest: Early Christian homilies, exegesis, doctrine, ministry, and spirituality; use of Hellenistic philosophy by early Christians as well as their relationship with Jews; use of early Christian sources in contemporary systematic theology.

Web page:

Courses taught: Introduction to Christian Theology I & II; Early Christianity Seminar: Christological Controversies; Early Christianity Seminar: Spirituality and Asceticism; Augustine of Hippo; Diatribe to Dialogue: Studies in the Jewish-Christian Encounter.

Kolbet, who holds degrees from Yale Divinity School, is an Episcopal priest who was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame before joining the BC faculty last fall. He published "The Psalms as Spiritual Exercises according to Athanasius' Epistola ad Marcellinum" in the forthcoming volume The Harp of Prophecy: The Psalms in Early Christian Exegesis and has published book reviews in Anglican Theological Review and Pro Ecclesia. Kolbet's current project is Augustine and the Cure of Souls: Reception and Transformation of a Classical Ideal.

Assoc. Prof. Jon Horvitz (Psychology)

PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara

Fields of interest: Brain dopamine activity and its role in the neurochemistry of learning and motivation.

Web page:

Courses taught: Learning and Motivation, Neurobiological Basis of Learning and Memory.

Horvitz joined the faculty at Columbia University as an assistant professor of psychology in 1995 and became an associate professor in 2000. His work, which has received funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institute of Mental Health, examines the changes in brain activity that occur in various forms of learning and memory, from recognizing the smell of a favorite food to recalling the location of one's parked car. He has authored or co-authored articles in such publications as Journal of Neuroscience, Behavioral and Brain Sciences and Behavioral Neuroscience. -Sean Smith

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