April 15, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 15

Task forces, planning committees announced

The list of task forces and planning committees, and their chairpersons and facilitators, recently announced by the steering committee of the Assessment and Planning Initiative of Boston College. Complete membership for all groups will be available at the initiative World Wide Web site

Task Forces:

Research, Scholarship and Graduate/Professional Education: Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer, chair; consultant and Learning Alliance CEO Robert Zemsky, facilitator.

Jesuit-Catholic Dimensions: Vice President of University Mission and Ministry Joseph Appleyard, SJ, chair; Prof. James O'Toole (History), Assessment and Planning Initiative director, facilitator.

Undergraduate Education: Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John Neuhauser, Associate Academic Vice President J. Joseph Burns, co-chairs; consultant William Massy, president, Jackson Hole Higher Education Group, facilitator.

Administration, Infrastructure and Resources: Executive Vice President Patrick Keating, chair; William Massy, facilitator.

Measures, Markers and Metrics: Director of Institutional Research Kelli Armstrong, chair; consultant Sally Vaughn, Jackson Hole Higher Education Group, facilitator.

Planning Committees

College of Arts and Sciences: Natural Science - Prof. Scott Miller, chair; Social Science - Prof. Peter Ireland (Economics), chair; Humanities - Prof. Jeffery Howe (Fine Arts), chair; Robert Zemsky, facilitator, all committees.

Carroll School of Management: CSOM Interim Dean Hossein Safizadeh, chair; William Massy, facilitator.

Law School: Law School Dean John Garvey, chair; Sally Vaughn, facilitator.

Lynch School of Education: LSOE Interim Dean Joseph O'Keefe, SJ, chair; Sally Vaughn, facilitator.

Graduate School of Social Work: GSSW Dean Alberto Godenzi, chair; Robert Zemsky, facilitator.

Woods College of Advancing Studies: Woods College Dean James Woods, SJ, chair; James O'Toole, facilitator.

Connell School of Nursing: Prof. Sister Callista Roy, CSJ, chair; James O'Toole, facilitator.

Student Life: Vice President for Student Affairs Cheryl Presley, chair; James O'Toole, facilitator.

An Athletics Planning Committee will be named shortly.

For more information, see the Assessment and Planning Initiative World Wide Web site at

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