April 1, 2004 • Volume 12 Number 14

Asst. Prof. Mary Aruda (CSON)

Extra Credit

"E" is the magic letter these days when it comes to Internet-aided innovation, from e-commerce to e-teaching. Asst. Prof. Mary Aruda (CSON) recently earned plaudits for her support of another "e" trend: e-mentoring.

Aruda was recognized by the United States Department of Labor for her involvement in an e-mentoring program, sponsored by the department's Women's Bureau, that encourages high school students to explore nursing, science, engineering and technology fields.

Students log in questions, which are e-mailed as a digest to Aruda and other recruited mentors, who respond to those inquiries that best fit their expertise.

"There is a tremendous need in nursing to attract more young people," said Aruda, "and this program has great potential as a new modality to recruit the next generation, of increasingly technology-sophisticated nurses. It has been interesting to see the variety and depth of questions from the teens: They always keep you thinking and on your toes." -Sean Smith

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