Law School Set Record for Fund-raising in FY2002

Law School Set Record for Fund-raising in FY2002

Boston College Law School is coming off its finest year ever in fund-raising. The nearly $2.7 million pledged in fiscal 2002 exceeded the previous year's total by nearly $1.2 million and represented a new high for the school.

Law School Dean John Garvey
More than $900,000 in cash was donated toward the Law School Fund, exceeding the goal of $875,000, and the school recorded its greatest-ever number of donors in pledges and cash.

"That these achievements happened is great news by itself," said Institutional Advancement Director Alfred Blum Jr. "That they happened in a year of national distress and economic uncertainty makes them even more remarkable.

Law School Dean John Garvey said, "In important ways the fund-raising success of the past fiscal year mirrored the excitement of the continued growth in strength and accomplishment of Boston College Law School overall.

"The school had great success in recruiting new faculty and staff and in responding to dramatic increases in applications among students. The philanthropy of alumni and friends points confidently to a future of sustained achievement."

-Mark Sullivan  

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