Three Departments Set for Move to Lower Campus

Three Departments Set for Move to Lower Campus

History, Economics and Communication will relocate by New Year's

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

The new Lower Campus Administration Building will welcome its first academic tenants next month, when the Communication, History and Economics departments are scheduled to move into the building, which opened on a limited basis last summer.

"We are currently in the final stages of the building's completion and, barring any unforeseen delays, will be welcoming these new departments by the end of December," said Assistant to the Vice President for Facilities Management Joseph Comerford.

The Boston College Police Department became the first occupant of the five-story, 155,000 square-foot building on Aug. 13. The following month, a new bookstore annex and a new dining facility, the Hillside Café, joined BCPD on the first floor of the building.

"We've heard nothing but good things from the departments that are in there now, and we hope to match that success in this next phase," said Comerford.

The new Communication offices will be housed on the fifth floor of the building, while Economics and History will occupy the fourth floor. Although dates for the move are subject to change due to technical or weather-related factors, as of this week Communication was scheduled to relocate Dec. 19 and 20, History during Dec. 20-23 and Economics on Dec. 30 and 31.

Faculty members in the soon-to-be-transplanted departments last week were looking forward to changing their addresses.

Communication, with some 960 majors, is "the largest department on campus and getting larger, so having more space is a welcome change," said department chairman Prof. Dale Herbeck.

By moving into the Lower Campus facility, Communication, which now has office space in Lyons Hall and the Service Building, will double its square footage and in so doing reap a number of benefits, Herbeck said.

"Having everyone together in the same area will add to a sense of community and collegiality within the department," he said. "That makes life easier for the faculty and students."

Herbeck and his colleagues also will now have a much-desired resource for which there was no space in Lyons: a meeting room. "We didn't have a place where we could all gather, so this will really be something good for us," he said.

He added that a new facility aids departmental efforts to recruit high-quality faculty.

"It's nice to be able to tell a potential hire that, along with all of the great things about teaching and conducting research at Boston College, there's also a brand new office for you," said Herbeck.

Economics and History, with faculty and staff now spread among Carney Hall, McGuinn Hall and Hovey House, also will be consolidated in the new building, which department faculty said will be a welcome development.

"It's especially beneficial for our more senior graduate students," said Economics chairman Prof. Peter Ireland. "They will have more space to do their important work."

The Philosophy and Theology departments are expected to relocate to the third floor of the new facility next semester.


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