CSOM's Fr. McGowan Joins State Panel on Gaming

CSOM's Fr. McGowan Joins State Panel on Gaming

Assoc. Prof. Richard McGowan, SJ (CSOM), a nationally recognized expert on legalized gaming who has conducted extensive studies of the industry, has been appointed by Massachusetts Acting Governor Jane Swift to a new gaming study commission.

Rev. Richard McGowan, SJ
(Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Fr. McGowan is the only academic appointee to the 19-member Commission to Study the Potential Expansion of Legalized Gaming, which is slated to issue a report by Dec. 31.

"This commission is faced with a number of complex questions," said Fr. McGowan, a member of the Carroll School of Management's Operations and Strategic Management Department. "First, should the state permit casino gaming? How many casinos should be permitted? Should the casino be operated by Native Americans or by a private concern?"

Other issues for consideration, he said, include "what compensation should be given to the race tracks in terms of the number of slot machines they will permitted to operate? What additional resources should be given to deal with the addictive gambling problem? And finally, how do we make Massachusetts' casinos competitive with those already in operation in Connecticut?"

Fr. McGowan's research focuses on the interaction of the business and public policy processes, especially as they relate to the gaming, tobacco and alcohol industries. He has authored such books as Government and the Transformation of the Gaming Industry, State Lotteries and Legalized Gambling: Painless Revenue or Painful Mirage; Business, Politics and Cigarettes: Multiple Levels, Multiple Agendas, Industry as a Player in the Social and Political Arenas, and The Search for Revenue and the Common Good: An Analysis of Government Regulation of the Alcohol Industry.

His current book projects include States as Competitors: The Search for Revenue, which is slated for publication next year, and Business, Government and Society: Defining the Rules of Games, now under review.

-Rosanne Pellegrini


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