Fellowship Is Latest Honor for Grad Chemistry Student

Fellowship Is Latest Honor for Grad Chemistry Student

Doctoral student in chemistry Bianca Sculimbrene is earning kudos for outstanding research, recently being awarded an academic-year fellowship by the Organic Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. The fellowship sponsored by Organic Syntheses Inc. supports her fourth year of study under the supervision of Prof. Scott Miller (Chemistry).

This past June, at the US Environmental Protection Agency's annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards ceremony in Washington, DC, Sculimbrene was presented the Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Student Award in Green Chemistry. She was cited for a method that uses small peptide catalysts to help synthesize D-myo-inositol-1-phosphate, a substance implicated in the treatment of manic depression with lithium, according to Environmental Science & Technology, which reported the approach is noteworthy for mimicking the high selectivity of enzymes found in nature.

Research by Sculimbrene and Miller was featured in Chemical & Engineering News in October 2001.

-Mark Sullivan


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