Week Offers Faculty, Staff Primer in Academic Technology

Week Offers Faculty, Staff Primer in Academic Technology

Ibid. Op. Cit. Op. Cit. Footnotes have long been the bane of the term-paper typist. But the University Libraries now offer a resource that makes footnoting a relative snap.

Bapst Art Librarian Adeane Bregman has found RefWorks to be a fast and effective tool for managing bibliographic citations. She will share her expertise in a workshop to be held during Academic Technology Week. (Photo by Gary Gilbert)
RefWorks automatically formats papers and bibliographies in seconds choosing from more than 80 bibliographic styles, and imports references from BC Libraries databases.

This handy software, accessed for free by nearly 600 campus users since it was licensed by BC this past fall, is among the newly available electronic resources that will be highlighted during Academic Technology Week May 12-15.

A schedule for Academic Tech Week is online.

Academic Development Center Director Suzanne Barrett, one of the organizers, said: "People can participate for the full four days, or they can choose one or two things that interest them. And they can find something that's at their level, whether they're just beginning to use technology or already advanced.

"They can sign up for a four-day mini-course that will give them a chance to bring e-learning, probably in the form of WebCT, into a course they'll be teaching. Or they can choose individual sessions on using technology in teaching or research. There will also be laptop clinics and an information fair."

Support for Academic Technology Week comes from the Office of the Academic Vice President and the Lynch School of Education.

"In terms of the actual work, it's a very nice example of collaboration among several different departments on campus: Academic Technology Services, the Libraries, the Academic Development Center, Media Technology Services, Information Technology, the Technology Consultants, the Lynch School, the Faculty Media Resource Center - and probably somebody I'm forgetting," Barrett said.

"The point is, the only way you can make something like this a success is through collaboration across campus."

-Mark Sullivan


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