"Freedom of religion is every bit as important as freedom of speech."

-Law School Dean John Garvey, interviewed by the New York Times at a Law School-sponsored conference, during which several speakers compared the constitutional protections for religious organizations with those for news and political organizations.

"Baptism. Confirmation. First communion. It's all in one swoop. I'm really excited. I picked my confirmation name — St. Augustine. It's the name for the high school where I discovered my faith. And like Augustine, I knew for a long time that I would become a Catholic, long before I did it."

-Matthew Stiles '06, discussing his decision to convert to Catholicism with USA Today.

"I don't know exactly what causes it. We do have a complicated task in our country because we do have a diverse student population."

-Prof. Ina Mullis (LSOE), quoted by the Boston Herald, on why the United States fared worse than poorer countries in BC's International Study Center survey of reading literacy among fourth-graders in 35 countries.


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