Citations for the 2003 Honorary Degree Recipients

Commencement 2003

Citations for the 2003 Honorary Degree Recipients

The following are excerpts from the citations for this year's honorary degree recipients, written by Senior Development Officer James McGahay:

Front row, left to right: John Mahoney, Thomas Vanderslice. Back row, left to right: Sister Kathleen Carr, CSJ, Dawn McNair, University President William Leahy, SJ, Erik Weihenmayer (with Seego). (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Sister Kathleen Carr, CSJ (Doctor of Humane Letters): "She began a wonderful life in the Catholic Schools in Lowell, Mass., when her parents entrusted the elementary and secondary education of this eldest of six daughters to the 'good Sisters'...A member of the Congregation of St. Joseph's for 35 years, she has honored and enriched the legacy of the pioneering women of her religious community who established the parochial school system in the Boston Archdiocese."

John L. Mahoney (Doctor of Humane Letters): "Outstanding teacher, dedicated university citizen, and renowned Wordsworth authority, he has set a benchmark for faculty quality. His masterful teaching, prolific scholarship, fidelity to Catholic tradition, openness and warmth reflect the Jesuit heritage and unique institutional character he cherishes, breathing new life into classical notions of the humanities and liberal education."

Dawn E. McNair (Doctor of Humane Letters): "The dedication to students and passion for teaching that command the respect and admiration of parents and professional peers alike are equaled by her commitment to community and active participation in organizations, programs and activities to assist such causes as early literacy, multicultural learning, battered women and their children, health and wellness, the Sub-Saharan African Children's Project and the Arts Scholarship Fund."

Erik Weihenmayer speaks with his daughter, Emma, and his wife, Ellie Reeve, before giving his Commencement address. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Thomas A. Vanderslice (Doctor of Business Administration): "Unique talents cultivated by this scholar, research scientist, and astute executive throughout his groundbreaking corporate career with some of the nation's largest and most innovative companies are the abundant wellspring of singular contributions to his Alma Mater as Trustee, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, leading benefactor and sage, trusted advisor."

Erik Weihenmayer (Doctor of Humane Letters): "...He left the Heights of Chestnut Hill in 1991 to pursue a dream of the conquest of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, including deadly and unforgiving Mount Everest. He fulfilled that dream and forever transformed the image of blindness by shattering perceptions more limiting than the disability itself...Echoing the Sermon on the Mount and Christ's admonition that 'your light must shine before men so that they may see goodness in your acts,' Boston College pays homage to an esteemed son and his shining lessons in courage and excellence taught at the top of the world..."


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