University Announces Research Incentive Grant Winners

University Announces Research Incentive Grant Winners

Boston College recently announced this year's recipients of Research Incentive Grants, which are each worth up to a total of $15,000, including one month's summer salary. The winning faculty members are:

*Asst. Prof. Davarian Baldwin (History): "Chicago's New Negroes: Race, Class and Respectability in the Midwestern Black Metropolis, 1915-1935."

*Asst. Prof. Susan M. Bruce (LSOE): "The Struggle to Symbolism."

*Assoc. Prof. Martha Pitt-Catsouphes (GSSW): "The State Legislators' Work and Family Policy Network at BC: A Pilot Project and Exploratory Study."

*Asst. Prof. Elfriede Fursich (Communication): "Representing Migration: The Role of the Mass Media in the Ongoing Articulation of Difference."

*Assoc. Prof. Fabio Ghironi (Economics): "Understanding International Inter-dependence: Macroeconomics and Trade."

*Prof. H. Kent Greenfield (Law): "The Beginning History for Corporate Law: Progressive Ideas for Corporate Governance."

*Asst. Prof. Gregory Heim (CSOM): "Empirical Analysis of e-Service Quality Data: Two Studies of Electronic Retailing."

*Assoc. Prof. Margaret H. Kearney (CSON): "Postpartum Weight Control: Pilot Test of a Motivational Nursing Intervention."

*Prof. Robert Kunovich (Sociology): "Attaining Justice in Post-Conflict Societies: An Exploration of Strategies in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and South Africa."

*Asst. Prof. Belle Liang (LSOE): "Relational Health and Social Competency in Asian-American Youths."

*Prof. Judith McMorrow (Law): "Below the Radar Screen: How Judges See and Respond to Ethics Issues that Arise in Their Court."

*Assoc. Prof. Udayan Mohanty (Chemistry): "Translocation Dynamics of DNA and RNA."

*Asst. Prof. Michael Boyer O'Leary (CSOM): "Leadership and Initial Interactions in Virtual Teams."

*Asst. Prof. Kevin Ohi (English): "Styles of Desire: Eroticism and Form in Henry James."

*Asst. Prof. Catherine Read (CSON): "Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Psychological Adaptation to Genetic Information Scale."

*Asst. Prof. Robert Sroufe (CSOM): "Industrial Ecology."


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