University Announces Promotions for 28 Faculty

University Announces Promotions for 28 Faculty

University President William P. Leahy, SJ, has announced the promotions of 28 Boston College faculty members.

Promoted to full professor were: Thomas Chiles (Biology), Jeffery Howe (Fine Arts), Kevin Kenny (History), James O'Toole (History), Lisa Feldman Barrett (Psychology), Maxim D. Shrayer (Slavic and Eastern Languages), Cynthia Simmons (Slavic and Eastern Languages), Ray Madoff (Law), Frank Garcia (Law) H. Kent Greenfield (Law) and Larry Ludlow (LSOE).

Twelve faculty members were promoted to associate professor with tenure: Katherine Lemon (CSOM), Robert Fichman (CSOM), Joy Field (CSOM), John Gallaugher (CSOM), Laura Hake (Biology), James Najarian (English), Carlo Rotella (English), Hong Ding (Physics), Nasser Behnegar (Political Science), Gerald Easter (Political Science), Ana M. Martinez Aleman (LSOE) and David Scanlon (LSOE).

In addition, Philip Strahan (CSOM), Joyce Pulcini (CSON) and Patrick McQuillan (LSOE) were granted tenure as were Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom, the holders of the Norma Jean Calderwood University Professorship in Islamic and Asian Art.


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