Using the Team Approach

Using the Team Approach

Higgins administrative unit serves needs of

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

The remodeled Higgins Hall also boasts a streamlined service-team to handle the shared administrative needs of the Biology and Physics departments that call the showpiece science building home.

Members of the Higgins Operations and Business Services unit (L-R): Leah Schneider, Brian Moore, Judith Lee (seated) and John O'Grady. (Photo by Lee Pelligrini)
The six-person Higgins Operations and Business Services unit includes an operations manager, business manager, procurement specialist, communications specialist, and two technology consultants.

"The natural sciences at Boston College are growing," said Judith Lee, business manager of the Higgins shared-service unit. "As the number of science faculty increases, and subsequently, as the teaching and research efforts increase, the departments will need increased level of supporting services.

"However, budgetary constraints limit the extent to which support staff can be increased. Because the departments of Biology and Physics share the same facility, an opportunity exists to provide the necessary support for each department while limiting the amount of duplicated activity.

"Almost all of the business and operational needs of the departments are handled by this unit, leaving the department administrators free to deal with other departmental matters.

"Higgins Operations and Business Services serves both departments with a level of quality of service that would not be available to each department individually. As the Biology and Physics departments grow, the shared-service unit also will have to grow, but by combining department services in one unit, resources will be maximized while satisfying all needs."

Executive Vice President Patrick Keating said: "The Higgins service unit is a great example of how we can organize, in an efficient way, to improve services to faculty. Hopefully this success will be a model that we can build on in other areas of the university."

More information on the Higgins Operations and Business Services unit is available at its Web site.


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