New Project to Improve Classroom Technology

New Project to Improve Classroom Technology

Computer and digital projection technology recently introduced in several classrooms - and planned for additional sites later this year - offers faculty members more potential teaching resources, according to University administrators.

During the Christmas break, Academic Technology Services staff installed the new technology in selected classrooms in Gasson and Lyons halls and O'Neill Library. The improvements include standardized, user-friendly controls, known as "smart boxes," that enable faculty to easily utilize film, video, Internet or other media in their teaching.

"It's a pleasure to have this new system," said Prof. Dale Herbeck (Communication). "If I want to show a video clip, I don't have to use a small TV that has to be wheeled in on a cart; I click a button, and a digital projector shows it on a big screen that everyone can see. In the past, there were all kinds of computer compatibility problems, but now, if I want to do a PowerPoint presentation, I can easily plug in a laptop and start it up."

Associate Academic Vice President for Technology Rita Owens said, "BC has emphasized the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom. These upgrades, along with the WebCT tool, make the task easier and more efficient than ever before. Faculty can have a demonstration of the 'smart box' and start using it right away."

Through the upgrade project, two O'Neill classrooms are now fully equipped computer facilities, similar to those in Gasson 01 and 09. Plans are underway to make these available by reservations, Owens said.

"The classrooms will be especially helpful for those courses in which students need to use a computer in class on a regular basis," she said.

Owens said the project will continue during the summer with various technology installations and improvements set for McGuinn and Devlin auditoriums and three classrooms in Campion Hall, among other sites.

-Sean Smith


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